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Uganda Hackerspace

Our makerspace in Jinja, Uganda is funded by the hacker community and provides free advanced instruction and resources for budding technologists. We teach robotics, design, programming and much more. Although it has been funded by the hacker community since 2015, we are seeking corporate donors to continue the funding of this terrific project. The annual operating costs for the hackerspace alone is approximately $5,000.

A group of local high school students and university-age young adults has taken an intense interest in advanced technology study and has founded a competitive robotics team based in our hackerspace. Take a moment to visit their self-built webpage:

J-Robotics Web Site

To learn more about our hackerspace, read the stories below, or to get involved, please join our community.

Tales from our hackerspace

4:58 pm4:58 pm

HFC LittleBits training at Jinja Uganda Senior Secondary

4:58 pm|Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace, Maker Training|

We're big fans of maker skills and robotics, and of course we're bit fans of LittleBits as well. It offers such an easy way to get into making and inventing, and it's accessible for kids of any age in any culture. Here are a few photos of our staff teaching [...]

1:59 am1:59 am

The birth of the “Jinja Robotics” team at the HFC Uganda hackerspace!

1:59 am|Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace, Robotics|

We met with the robotics students from Jinja SS at Hackerspace for the first time on Monday night. After a quick orientation where we gave a tour of the facility and we went over some newly established rules that we posted for the Hackerspace, some keys to being successful with [...]

2:34 am2:34 am

Exploring CNC routing in Uganda with the X-Carve

2:34 am|Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace|

Thanks to a very gracious donor and friend Jason, we have an X-Carve in Uganda. That sentence was incredibly short and simple but the story of our X-Carve is anything but. Here's a quick video teaser showing our little shop: For those that aren't aware, the X-Carve by [...]

4:18 am4:18 am

3D Printing, Robotics and Electronics “Road Show” in Kenya

4:18 am|3D Printing, Computer Training Center, Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace, LittleBits, Maker Training, Robotics|

When we first came to Uganda seven years, our goal was to put computers in schools because we knew that technology training was not only a necessity, it's fun and inspirational, especially when the students have had limited (or no) access to equipment. However, installing computers in classrooms was a [...]

1:19 am1:19 am

Continuing Education with Littlebits at the Jinja Computer Training Center

1:19 am|Computer Training Center, Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace, Maker Training|

Continuing education in robotics and electronics kickstart at the Jinja CTC.