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In general, a hacker is “a skilled computer expert that uses their technical knowledge to creatively overcome a problem”. We are hackers (most of us security experts) that use our superpowers to make the world a better place. We highlight projects and acts of service and help flatten the learning curve so you can join us.

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8:28 am8:28 am

The power of passion, community & mentorship

8:28 am|Hackerspace|

The power of passion, community & mentorship Awesome news from the HFC Hackerspace, reported by Michelle from the Just Cause Uganda Blog! There were drones, there were robots, videography, photography, interviews, demos, teaching, learning and a whole lot of fun! A day that [...]

12:33 pm12:33 pm

Peter Muwanguzi finds a job thanks to free training at CTC!

12:33 pm|Computer Training Center|

Peter landed a job after getting free training from our CTC. But he served as a volunteer instructor in the CTC for eight months! He lost his job after the company went bankrupt and he's still volunteering!


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