Worked on various things this week. I added a table to the Internet cafe at the keep and setup a workshop for our hardware repairs. We’re getting in so many repairs now that we need a space to work. Since most machines get turned in at the Keep, we do the repairs from there.

We also got in a lot of Apple repairs this week. I worked on four Mac laptops (problem with 10.6.7 rejecting 3G modems, a corrupt hard drive, an Adobe CS5 reload and a zapped Airport), two iPhones (a straight reload and uhm.. a more flexible reload.. ;) and our first iPad repair.

The iPhones are old hat for me, but because all the phones show up jailbroken and unlocked, it’s never a simple job because if I bump their basebands too high, their phone turns into an iPod because no one wants to pay the outrageous prices the legit carriers demand here. iPad work is exactly like working on iPhones, which makes it pretty easy, but now I’m dealing with lots of ipsw firmware revisions, and at 400+MB a pop and our rather pathetic speeds, it makes life .. interesting. Oh, and lets not forget that Apple’s EMEA servers are HORRIBLE, so I have to pump everything through a server in California.

But at least I like working on Macs.. it’s fun and something different, and it’s a real need here. So many orgs are sending Macs over with their staff, and it seems EVERY tourist has some Apple product that loses it’s mind while bumping around Uganda..

The Internet cafe terminals

Internet Cafe Work area

Need more hands for more Macs