After quite a bit of uncertainty, Robert (or Ronnie, as he’s called, and yes, those are both his accepted names) came through! We now have a cargo agent, and we’re in possession of 50 HP NC610c laptops, along with the batteries for the Aspire Ones and the Dell Vostros, which are headed for the AOET Rehaboth Primary and Rehaboth Integrated Secondary Schools respectively. The ride to Entebbe was brutal as ever, and I’m thoroughly exhausted. More later.


Kampala traffic is SWEET!


Ronnie (foreground) and Dennis (behind)


a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing =)


The HFC truck REALLY has come in handy!


Clever caption space for rent


Gorgeous! Now to test them, clean them and prep them for St. John's