For those that missed the links to the fire videos, you can catch them here and here. We’re doing our best to try to help the 26 households that lost everything in these terrible fires.

Thanks to a few folks who donated yesterday, we were able to help out by feeding approximately 60 people last night. Many of those affected by the fire were not around last night (many are seeking jobs) so only about half of the victims were around. So many of the victims are just in shock.. They seem so far away.. dazed.. and I can’t say I blame them.

I’m going to share some photos so you can see what we did last night. Thank you so much for your support, and if you haven’t already, please DONATE. We’re trying to run the food program through the week so we can get a longer-term plan in place. Jess at Calvary was moving around to some building supply places today and I’ll get an update from him tonight as we pull together another meal for the victims. Thanks also to the Pierce, Peterson and Rich family for their help and support last night!