Esther comes to iICT with a passion for and some basic experience in computer science. She was referred to us by Esther, one of our teachers and her former university professor. Student Esther was majoring in computer science until one day she stopped coming to class. Teacher Esther was perplexed, as she was one of her best students. Upon following up with her, she found out that student Esther had run out of money and could no longer afford to attend.

Though attending our intensive course on a full scholarship based on her status upon entry, Esther still needed to find a way to provide basic supplies and transport for herself, so she searched high and low until she finally found a job—an overnight shift. Although Esther comes almost straight from her night job to our 8AM classes, she is continually and obviously dedicated. Her dream is to use technology to help people. As we watch her step into her potential, we’re reminded that the first step in achieving that dream is helping yourself.