HFC LittleBits training at Jinja Uganda Senior Secondary

We’re big fans of maker skills and robotics, and of course we’re bit fans of LittleBits as well. It offers such an easy way to get into making and inventing, and it’s accessible for kids of any age in any culture. Here are a few photos of our staff teaching the students of Jinja SS all about robotics and LittleBits.

Before I show you the photos, I wanted to show you some of the conditions these students are operating in. Take a look at the antiquated computers these students are using, and how much dust and debris is all over the place. Uganda is very dusty and it’s nearly impossible to keep things clean:

But if you look closely, you’ll see that the students and staff do their very best to keep the working computers clean. Now you see why these new “shiny” gadgets really grab their attention and inspire them!

Clean and shiny!

Clean and shiny!

Enjoy the photos, and thanks for making this possible!

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