Two weeks have passed since the fire that destroyed 28 homes at Works village in Jinja and we’re seeing real progress. The frames are nearly finished and we’re preparing the roofing. We’ve overcome many obstacles as a team and thanks to yourdonations and the hard work of everyone here on the ground we’re seeing real progress.

Today we measured the distances between the poles and found that one building was completely out of square which threw off all the distances. This is a problem because each room measures 8’x8′ and the lengths of our wood is 8′. With the gaps out of whack, we either have to patch things together or move poles, which is a problem because the poles are sunk and the rafters and frames are in place. Thanks to Bob (seen in the yellow cap) none of this was a problem. See, Bob has experience as a carpenter and he took one look at the building and saw that one corner pole was bent like crazy. After removing one rafter and replacing that pole things fell into place and .. like magic .. everything fell into place.

The moral of the story: one bad pole wrecks the whole house. This was the theme for more than building.