hello evey one ,my name is fred .thanks for every thing you are doing to help us in Uganda to discover the true meaning of life and getting to know what it takes to change some one’s life.

i personally have found meaning since i was welcomed by HACKERS FOR CHARITY and am highly blessed through every single step it’s taking.

at first i use to hear about computers,i took some time to learn how it works though i did not have one but as to my faith i believed in a scripture in the bible that say “God will bring to you people that you didn’t know and they will serve you.”(i will post the chapter and the book/verse letter) .I didn’t no how it will be but i personalized this scripture and it was part of my daily prayers.

now in a few months God connected me with HFC and now am changed through different activities like Empowering the community with computer skills,building computer classrooms and  also  have advanced new computer trouble shooting  techniques .using the knowledge have started to come up with new side business ventures to involve more youth and encourage creativity and independence. so the first business is  a mini VIDEO SHOP!