I’m proud to announce Hack3rcon, the official Hackers For Charity conference. In this day and age, it’s hard to justify another conference. But the fact is that small, local “minicons” are critical to our community. They’re great paces to network, meet new people and learn without the expense associated with the bigger cons. Hack3rcon boasts great speakers, excellent events and a great heart — proceeds will support the efforts of Hackers For Charity.

The con will take place on Oct 23-24, 2010 at the Charleston Civic Center, alongside CharCon, a gaming conference that will interest many of you as well. Tickets are $40 for the whole weekend.

We will have an HFC booth set up where we’ll be selling shirts, vinyls and thanks to Muts and the Offensive Security team, we will giving away BackTrack 4 RC1 DVD’s.

Hack3rcon will focus on low-level tool-centric “how to” talks and not high-level awareness. Current Speakers include:

1. Dave Kennedy a.k.a. Rel1k
2. Adrian Crenshaw a.k.a. Iron Geek
3. Dennis Boas  **classified**   =)
4. Martin Bos a.k.a purehate
5. Pwrcycle
…and many others.

Lee Baird will be facilitating a Hacker Village, where you can get  hands-on training through instructional labs from an experienced mentor.

Irongeek will be running a capture the flag contest for you to try out your skills for a chance to win a fully loaded netbook.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, network and have fun while doing something positive for the world around you.