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HFC Computer Classrooms

We have designed, deployed and maintained several computer classrooms all over the world, thanks to the generous donations of our volunteers. Each installation was pre-loaded with our offline educational resources.

This page provides an overview of the free computer classrooms we’ve set up. While we enjoyed the adventure of setting up computer classrooms in far-flung areas, we found that accessible community training centers, like our Jinja Computer Training Center, had a greater positive impact on local communities.

HFC Computer Classrooms

Webuye Kenya

Our first computer classroom project began as a simple cash donation to AOET Kenya for the purchase of desktop training computers. The staff at AOET coordinated the purchase of the machines, installed them, located a facility and began the training program. That [...]

St. John’s Wakitaka

St John's Wakitaka was one of our earliest and largest Classroom endeavors. It was funded primarily by Paraben and an anonymous individual donor. The fundraising began in 2008, the room was set aside in 2009 and work on the installation continued through [...]

OLPC Training

I love the concept of the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child). However, the implementation really falls short. Case in point: Rehaboth Integrated School in Bugembe near Jinja, Uganda. A generous donor gave 100 OLPC’s to the school, and they’ve sat in a [...]

Iganga Senior Secondary

We installed a massive ncomputing system in Iganga, Uganda, East Africa this month. At 24 stations, it’s our largest installation to date. We cut their costs in half with our solution and after this install, we will concentrate on repairing their old [...]