HFC Computer Classrooms

An overview of the free computer classrooms we’ve set up. We moved away from computer classrooms in schools and moved to a community-accessible training center model. Be sure to visit the Jinja Computer Training Center page for more information on our community training center model.

Jinja Connection

2013-05-18T00:20:33-05:00September 17,2012|Classrooms|

I met the folks at Jinja Connection a few years ago and I really admired the work they were doing because they were working with “Street Kids” and that’s no easy job. Living in one of the poorest places on the planet is one thing. Living on the streets in one of [...]

Children Of Grace

2017-11-15T15:29:44-05:00July 28,2011|Classrooms, Computer Training Center, Hackers For Charity, Projects|

Children of Grace is an organization that provides, “Education, healthcare and empowerment programs, and most importantly, the love of Jesus” to Ugandan children. I had come to know the American staff and founders and admired their dedication to the kids they’re serving. I also marveled at the “first-world” space they had created for their [...]

St. John’s Wakitaka

2017-12-06T12:55:43-05:00October 24,2009|Classrooms|

St John's Wakitaka was one of our earliest and largest Classroom endeavors. It was funded primarily by Paraben and an anonymous individual donor. The fundraising began in 2008, the room was set aside in 2009 and work on the installation continued through 2009 and 2010. The St John's classroom is still an [...]

Webuye Kenya

2011-07-18T11:19:41-05:00July 18,2008|Classrooms|

Our first computer classroom project began as a simple cash donation to AOET Kenya for the purchase of desktop training computers. The staff at AOET coordinated the purchase of the machines, installed them, located a facility and began the training program. That training program is still running today and has served hundreds [...]