The birth of the “Jinja Robotics” team at the HFC Uganda hackerspace!

2017-06-22T12:28:12-05:00July 28,2016|Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace, Robotics|

We met with the robotics students from Jinja SS at Hackerspace for the first time on Monday night. After a quick orientation where we gave a tour of the facility and we went over some newly established rules that we posted for the Hackerspace, some keys to being successful with STEM projects. [...]

3D Printing, Robotics and Electronics “Road Show” in Kenya

2017-12-07T18:01:35-05:00June 7,2016|3D Printing, Computer Training Center, Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace, LittleBits, Maker Training, Robotics|

When we first came to Uganda seven years, our goal was to put computers in schools because we knew that technology training was not only a necessity, it's fun and inspirational, especially when the students have had limited (or no) access to equipment. However, installing computers in classrooms was a problem because [...]

First class for former Ugandan homeless (“street”) girls

2017-12-07T17:54:25-05:00July 24,2015|Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace, Maker Training, Robotics|

We’re proud to announce our first robotics course designed especially for Ugandan girls! In this class, we brought in former homeless (“street”) girls from Mirembe Cottage for Street Girls ( We worked alongside Sarah and Michelle from The class was such a raging success that we’re prepping the girls for an [...]