RACHEL, CAP and Security Awareness Training in Louisville

2017-12-07T14:26:33-05:00October 7,2017|RACHEL, Security Awareness Training|

We had the honor and the privilege to serve the clients and Staff of Hotel Louisville this year. We provided RACHEL CAPs and training as well basic IT skills and security awareness training. This year our focus was on the staff (former clients) who will pass the training on to clients in [...]

Outernet, LittleBits, Farmers, RasPi, Pains of Fast Internet- All the things

2017-12-07T18:01:35-05:00June 25,2015|Chromebook, Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace, Maker Training, RACHEL|

It’s been a crazy couple of days. I can hardly keep up. Sorry in advance that this post is so scatterbrained. First, we have a new line on Internet service. It’s not public so I can’t talk too much about it, but let’s say that we now have redundant internet at the [...]

High-contrast, high-tech: Uganda’s first Outernet node!

2017-12-06T12:59:20-05:00June 17,2015|Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace, RACHEL|

We have some pretty wickedly cool things going on in Uganda right now, and I managed to capture the essence of it with photos. The small dish on the left hand side is our UTL nano bridge for our Internet. The workers on the roof are installing a larger 90cm satellite dish, [...]