HFC LittleBits training at Jinja Uganda Senior Secondary

2017-12-07T18:01:35-05:00November 7,2016|Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace, Maker Training|

We're big fans of maker skills and robotics, and of course we're bit fans of LittleBits as well. It offers such an easy way to get into making and inventing, and it's accessible for kids of any age in any culture. Here are a few photos of our staff teaching the students [...]

3D Printing, Robotics and Electronics “Road Show” in Kenya

2017-12-07T18:01:35-05:00June 7,2016|3D Printing, Computer Training Center, Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace, LittleBits, Maker Training, Robotics|

When we first came to Uganda seven years, our goal was to put computers in schools because we knew that technology training was not only a necessity, it's fun and inspirational, especially when the students have had limited (or no) access to equipment. However, installing computers in classrooms was a problem because [...]

First class for former Ugandan homeless (“street”) girls

2017-12-07T17:54:25-05:00July 24,2015|Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace, Maker Training, Robotics|

We’re proud to announce our first robotics course designed especially for Ugandan girls! In this class, we brought in former homeless (“street”) girls from Mirembe Cottage for Street Girls (http://www.sonriseministriesinc.org/mirembecottage). We worked alongside Sarah and Michelle from http://www.justcausecanada.org. The class was such a raging success that we’re prepping the girls for an [...]

Outernet, LittleBits, Farmers, RasPi, Pains of Fast Internet- All the things

2017-12-07T18:01:35-05:00June 25,2015|Chromebook, Hackers For Charity, Hackerspace, Maker Training, RACHEL|

It’s been a crazy couple of days. I can hardly keep up. Sorry in advance that this post is so scatterbrained. First, we have a new line on Internet service. It’s not public so I can’t talk too much about it, but let’s say that we now have redundant internet at the [...]