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2011-04-30T05:51:44-05:00April 30,2011|Hackers For Charity, Long Journey To Africa|

Here's a short compilation of Solomon, a young guy that lives here in Uganda. I met him about two years ago, and then he disappeared. It turns out he was in Iraq working alongside the US military. That's a story in itself.


2011-04-30T06:01:26-05:00April 30,2011|Hackers For Charity, Long Journey To Africa|

The Keep is the restaurant we started in Jinja, Uganda as a way to support our work on the ground here. It's also been a great way to network with folks here and connect with individuals and organizations that need our help. Live music performance really fit the vibe of The Keep. [...]

Happy HFC

2017-11-15T15:28:50-05:00April 18,2011|Computer Training Center, Long Journey To Africa|

i started up with HFC in uganda and have seen progress, challenges and breakthroughs of all all kinds but still thank full to our God who is the Author and finisher of every thing(beginning and the end). many people are enjoying charity at CTC. mostly Army, and the police department. thanks to [...]

Tenable Thursday

2011-04-08T13:12:32-05:00February 9,2011|Hackers For Charity, Long Journey To Africa|

For those of you in the MD/DC/VA area, I'll be speaking and hanging out at Tenable this Thursday night starting at 6pm. This is a chance to say hello to a bunch of people in one shot. Shirts will be available for sale and I'll also have limited edition Shmoocon 2011 shirts [...]

German Backtrack Day donation!

2011-04-08T13:12:32-05:00February 1,2011|Hackers For Charity, Long Journey To Africa|

Due to a weird combination of factors (including the fact that a donation was sent to an oft-unchecked email address) I missed the fact that the folks at made an amazing donation of $1200US during the 2nd German Backtrack Day. I feel awful for not having acknowledged their amazing donation and [...]