The Loko Village Fire Relief Effort was primarily funded by HFC supporters and volunteers.

Hackers rebuild Ugandan Village

2012-05-04T04:58:34-05:00February 24,2012|Fire Relief, Hackers For Charity|

Disclaimer: Hackers are making a huge difference in Uganda but we are certainly not alone in this effort. Read on for the whole story. When I witnessed the fire that destroyed twenty-six homes a stones throw from where we live in Jinja Uganda, my heart sank. I felt hopeless. As we mobilized [...]

Need sticks

2012-05-04T04:58:34-05:00February 23,2012|Fire Relief, Hackers For Charity|

As we wait for the companies who may donate building materials, I began to price the stuff that we would have to buy to rebuild these homes. By far the largest expense will be.. Sticks. Well, more accurately 10-18 foot eucalyptus poles for framing and supporting the roofs. They will be stripped [...]

Weird day

2012-05-04T04:58:34-05:00February 23,2012|Fire Relief, Hackers For Charity|

I started the day with lots of goals. Most of them involved technical things. By the end of the day, I had only accomplished one of them, indirectly: I talked my technician through a POE bullet install for Gately, a popular local guesthouse. This installation replaced about six beat-up Linksys routers and [...]

Fire relief

2012-05-04T04:59:22-05:00February 20,2012|Fire Relief, Hackers For Charity|

For those of you that haven't read about the fire that occurred practically in our own back yard, please check out my Facebook page. I'll cross post when power and Internet is back (I'm posting from my phone right now). The comments on Facebook have encouraged us to get involved helping the [...]