The Loko Village Fire Relief Effort was primarily funded by HFC supporters and volunteers.


2012-05-04T04:58:34-05:00March 2,2012|Fire Relief, Hackers For Charity|

The buildings are really starting to take shape as we put the poles in place, level the floors and grade the slopes to help with drainage. It's been great having our friends Kelli, Matt and Becca working on so many things with us as well as several HFC staff members (look for [...]


2012-05-04T04:58:34-05:00March 1,2012|Fire Relief, Hackers For Charity|

Another really long day. Lots of poles put in place and we leveled lots of ground. Breaking rocks, moving dirt, hauling trees: hard work. Convincing an entire village that if they don't accept a gift of a one year eviction extension, they will lose everything: nigh impossible. Convincing the local politicians to [...]

Monday morning

2012-05-04T04:58:34-05:00February 28,2012|Fire Relief, Hackers For Charity|

We began the day painting the poles with wood sealant. This is nasty sticky stuff. Jessie began working on a prototype for a daytime interior light. This bottle of water (with a teaspoon of bleach) is recessed into the ceiling. When the light hits the bottle it diffuses into the room and [...]