Empowering our neighbors with hands-on computer training at the CTC

2019-06-13T19:15:41-05:00January 9,2019|Computer Training Center, Hackers For Charity|

The YMCA (“Young Men’s Christian Association") College of Business Studies, Jinja Uganda branch was started in 1962, the year of Uganda's independence. It is located in jinja town, along Jinja-Kampala Highway, across from the Crested Crane Hotel and Tourism Training Institute. This vocational college was started with the goal of training young [...]

Training Center graduate Jessica finds employment in Jinja, Uganda

2019-03-13T18:58:39-05:00November 13,2018|Hackers For Charity|

What an amazing story! I don't have words. It's better to tell it in the words of our local Uganda staff. Here's the full update from our team in Jinja: NAGAI JESSICA AS SUCESSFUL YOUNG LADY FROM SLUMS. Nagayi Jessicawas born to unknown teenaged mother, she was raised in Work block walukuba village [...]