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Google Search: intitle:"Setup Home" "You will need * log in before * * change * settings"

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Submitted: 2005-01-10 00:00:00
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This should reveal Belkin routers. Interestingly, Belkin routers by default have remote administration on, and act as a webserver for administration. Also by default, their password is blank (and the login page helpfuly informs the attacker of this).Once he's in, there's all kinds of annoying stuff he could get into, and it could also be used more blackhackishly to disable security.


2005-04-09 10:29:53 (golfo): some more facts about these:

* The security log file can be viewed without priviledges (fw_security.html)
* The default title is '+i1+'
* The webserver os is: micro_httpd
* It has DOS protection ("Blocked by DoS protection")

And last but not least..

Utilities > Save/Backup current settings

You can save your current configuration by using this feature. Saving your configuration will allow you to restore it later if your settings are lost or changed. It is recommended that you backup your current configuration before performing a firmware update.

2005-05-25 17:24:21 (anarmyofnone): These routers are the biggest pieces of s**t. I learned that the hard way. Port forwarding works fine for some apps, like bittorrent, but because the router's configuration is web-based, the router won't forward port 80 (although it comes with a pre-set option to do just that?!?).