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Google Search: intitle:"switch home page" "cisco systems" "Telnet - to"

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Submitted: 2004-10-09 09:04:52
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Most cisco switches are shipped with a web administration interface. If a switch is reachable from the internet and google cashed it this search will show it.


2004-10-09 14:18:55 (poz0r): This also works with any cisco 2500 routers. (I'm sure other series routers also work, but 2500 is the only one I am sure of).

Cisco 2500's, on the old IOS, used to have an old exploit where everything via web based command, would be checked through GET, so the information could be changed through the URL. You would be able to login as an admin... it looked something like this: would be the router's web based IP (of course not on loopback, but whatever the IP is)

You would punch in;

That would run the 'show config' (short for show configuration) command, which contains user and password strings for exec mode in the router in plain text.

I know this comment is kind of out of the original post, but if you want to access a cisco device this way is much more practical.