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Google Search: "Login to Usermin" inurl:20000

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Submitted: 2004-09-18 08:44:12
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Usermin is a web interface that can be used by any user on a Unix system to easily perform tasks like reading mail, setting up SSH or configuring mail forwarding. It can be thought of as a simplified version of Webmin designed for use by normal users rather than system administrators.


2004-11-18 14:52:03 (jbaudio): so what does this have to do with anything? Is this a security flaw or is it just a string done by Google

2005-03-04 03:19:02 (Anonymous):

2005-12-08 13:18:29 (enidmero): how to get yahoo pwd???

2006-05-07 15:55:30 (adbradwell): yeah how to get yahoo or friendster user pass?