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Google Search: intitle:"dreambox web"

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Submitted: 2004-09-10 11:48:31
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this search will show web administration interfaces of linux dream boxes.The Dreambox is one of the popular 3rd generation boxes. Based on a powerful IBM PowerPC (not PC !) with an MPEG1/2 hardware decoder, this box is FULLY open, with an open source Linux operating system. The Dreambox not only offers high quality video and audio, but also has a variety of connections to the outside world: Ethernet, USB, PS2, Compact Flash and two Smartcard readers. The box can handle any dish configuration, an unlimited number of channels or satellites, has a very fast channel scan, allows for direct digital recording, etc.


2004-09-11 15:23:44 (coolguy_1175): all i get is server not found

2004-09-14 07:25:13 (saliva_DrooL): its ok as it is ..........

2004-09-16 07:44:31 (murfie): If you can't connect, the dreambox uses private IP addresses, which most of them will. It's actually a huge suprise to see them on the web like this. There may be new results in the future that might work, but it's a small small chance.

2005-12-01 09:08:36 (goseca): i neet howi hack a dream box i now a readi the ip nummer ant how i kan kan hack in the port 21 login is normal root ant pass dreambox but now is it a rong nmr