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GradeSpeed seems to be a .NET application to administer school results for several schools using the web. If you do not select a school an error is reported. The HTML source code shows path information, for example: option value="E:\GRADESPEED\DRHARMONWKELLEYELEMENTARY\|Dr H. W K. E.|101">Dr ...


2005-10-01 13:16:17 (Driftinghands): hey ,

All the teachers in my school use So I wanted to know if there is someway of hacking this or getting in. Through this website I could change my absences and aslo my grades. I have a teacher who is a real ***** and fails me because I talk back to her. If I could change my grades it would be the perfect way to get that ***** back. Can You Help Me At All?

2005-11-29 13:59:53 (Anonymous): i figured out how to hack into my schools gradespeed last year. i can log on to any gradespeed i want, as long as i have the address. i wouldnt recommend doing this of course. if the principal hadnt liked me so much (and if it didnt cost so much to rpess charges) i'd be peeling potatoes in some prison right now.



2005-11-29 14:02:14 (Anonymous): another hint.... when gradespeed is installed on a server every one has an admin account called Admin by default... case sensitive.... honestly, honestly, this is too much.. what to do with such valuable information.. what to do what to do what to do............

2006-03-31 18:30:29 (uhhwhat?): does anybody know how to actually log onto the teacher's gradespeed and be able to change grades and absences? thanks.

2006-04-01 15:24:54 (Johnnykap): YO im from canada ontario burlington and i wan to know how to hack in to the school data base and be able to turn on and lights of triger the fire alarm stuff like that and also change my grads on projects thanks...