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Submitted: 2004-07-10 06:50:44
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Panasonic Network Cameras can be viewed and controlled from a standard web browser. These cameras can be placed anywhere to keep an eye on things, with no PC required on the location. Check for more information: is a htaccess protected admin page at "http://[target-ip]/config.html" on the target device. Admin logins have no defaults, but created during setup.


2004-07-15 15:03:13 (Lord_Doskias): tons of cams all with pan/tilt/zoom/quality

2004-09-19 16:17:24 (mlfnet): I like the one that is from a security company... now that's rich!

2004-10-04 08:26:09 (faloni98): men, I am new in this community but..

This is absolutely amazing.

2005-02-03 19:18:02 (dark_diablo_01): wow... this is the best since the axis cams!!!

2006-09-20 12:25:21 (spytrack): really good, best control panel, but i can`t find anything interesting. Axis it`s more personal use.