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Google Search: intitle:Remote.Desktop.Web.Connection inurl:tsweb

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Submitted: 2004-04-28 13:03:14
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This is the login page for Microsoft's Remote Desktop Web Connection, which allows remote users to connect to (and optionally control) a user's desktop. Although authentication is built into this product, it is still possible to run this service without authentication. Regardless, this search serves as a footprinting mechanisms for an attacker.


2004-05-12 16:44:56 (dougdrums): About 1/50 use the default passwords ("Administrator", "")

2004-09-11 11:33:58 (coolguy_1175): I like it but i can't get any to login

2005-01-19 06:20:59 (Anonymous): Big ***** deal we will all have a toss over it the hopes of gaining access to a remote desktop and using it to do what ever
the ***** we like with it