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Google Search: "VNC Desktop" inurl:5800

mlynch rates this entry 8 out of 10.
Submitted: 2004-04-21 16:23:49
Added by: mlynch
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VNC is a remote-controlled desktop product. Depending on the configuration, remote users may not be presented with a password. Even when presented with a password, the mere existance of VNC can be important to an attacker, as is the open port of 5800.


2004-06-25 20:32:42 (mlynch): New version of VNC changed title to VNC Viewer so now you can search for

intitle:vnc.desktop inurl:5800

2004-07-30 15:53:19 (Anonymous): This one is nyce

2005-02-18 06:23:45 (humilator): WOW!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-03-07 12:19:22 (blackzodiak): All i tried asked for password :X

2005-05-15 07:58:34 (seggons): Any chance of someone posting a password so I can see what this is all about please.

2005-06-26 22:27:26 (aao_pwner): Dude does anyone here have a brute forcer for VNC, i cant compile the one i found on this site and i cant read the download patch page ( and the 2nd resualt's password is airport


P.S. rated sever because there was no brute forcer suggested roflmao

2005-09-04 04:04:59 (shiznitz): This might be small a small find, but if u add another inurl: after and name comon ips "VNC Desktop" inurl:5800 inurl:160
With this u can scan certain ranges of ip blocks :)

2005-10-06 21:42:47 (overdose): good one ! :)
easy password: robot
don´t change the password :) and just look it :)

2005-10-26 12:33:13 (strecher): Veeery Cool!

This one works(been rejected couple of times):

2006-09-20 11:38:40 (spytrack): The vnc viewer don`t work ...