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Google Search: intitle:"--- VIDEO WEB SERVER ---" intext:"Video Web Server" "Any time & Any where" username password

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Submitted: 2005-05-14 10:20:32
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AVTech Video Web Server is a surveillance producted that is directly connected to the internet It could enable the AVTech DVR series products or any camera to connect to Internet for remote monitoring or remote control. Besides, it could also enable 2 video input to connect to Internet for remote monitoring and recording. Besides the web interface it also offers an ftp server.


2005-05-15 06:54:58 (shadowCopy): very good fun!

2005-05-15 18:40:15 (chewa): what must i put where it says "username and "password", i don't have any of them -.-

2005-05-20 14:04:41 (avatar21): Try "admin" "admin" :-)


2005-05-21 09:25:52 (jamones): didnt work do you put "admin" "admin" in the password screen or where?

2005-05-25 02:13:39 (idiotguy): great!!!!!!!!
and for u username-admin

2005-05-26 02:21:12 (Pataboy): This was too cool, great stuff.M

2005-05-29 12:29:26 (santabarbara*): anny Passwords??that work.......

2005-05-30 06:31:34 (AfterBurn): Despite having to install the active x control, its a hella good FIND!!! and yes ..people are still dumb, and the password and username is admin : admin ....UNREAL!!