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  3. Emily2019

    Getting started in disaster relief

    Who can pick out for me the best product from the list provided in this site?
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  5. foundationschoolsindia

    schools near varthur

    The Foundation schools were established in 2009. The Gunjur branch has become one of the top CBSE schools in Varthur, Gunjur, Whitefield and best school in Sarjapur Road areas in a short period of time. The schools follow a methodology that helps children through hands on activities and experiential learning. Children at The Foundation School are seen not as consumers who need external entertainment, but as producers who interact with various learning material with their own hands; construct knowledge and gain immense satisfaction from the process. In keeping with this methodology, The Foundation School follows the Montessori Philosophy at the pre-primary level, and experiential learning from grade 1 onwards. All of these make The Foundation School, one of the foremost leading and progressive schools in Varthur, Gunjur, Schools in Whitefield and also schools near sarjapur Road areas of Bangalore. visit: schools near varthur
  6. glossnglass

    makeup artist bangalore

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  7. glossnglass

    wedding makeup

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  8. aihscollege

    bsc radiology

    Acharya Institute of health sciences is one of the best colleges in Bangalore for bsc radiology. Acharya offers best course of B.Sc. MIT. Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and approved by Govt. of Karnataka, IAP, INC & KNC. Visit
  9. aihscollege

    MSc Nursing in Bangalore

    Post BSc nursing colleges in Bangalore. : AIhs is a great institute which offers MSc Nursing in Bangalore. Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and approved by Govt. of Karnataka, IAP, INC & KN visit:
  10. Switching to SD-WAN Vendors networking can completely revolutionize business by upgrading security, productivity, and collaboration opportunities while simultaneously reducing the costs. 


    Web Design and development

    Id be interested to help
  12. Larry Young

    Modularizing HTML content for RACHEL

    On a slightly different topic, do you know if anyone has created an install file for RACHEL to install it on a Windows Server 2008 R2 OS? Thanks, LarryY
  13. Johnny: This forum has been a little quiet for a while, are you still looking for volunteers or are you all set? If interested I can, maybe, help on teaching content. Let me know if you still want help.
  14. MC888

    Say hello to all

    Hello everyone: I have a lot of experience keeping the "not so nice people" out of where they don't belong, along with building all sizes of data networks, and I love the fun of White Hat PenTesting and Red Teaming (too geeky? oh well.) I joined to see how I can help others with their computer "stuff", for free, not looking to make a buck, just help others. Cheers
  15. opaque

    How to start?!?

    If there is a way to get a presence in Pittsburgh let me know. I don't live to far away from there and would definitely want to help out.
  16. David Miller

    Say hello to all

    Hello everyone my name is David, I am an ethical hacker and cyber security consultant from the UK. Its great to be here, I have just finished a volunteer tour in Vietnam teaching IT and now I am looking for new projects to get involved with. Came across HFC and excited to be able to contriubte to such a great cause. Nice to meet you all.
  17. NeesonA330

    Say hello to all

    Hello from Scotland! I am a computer science student and would like to do some good stuff with the skills I'm learning. I came across HFC and love what everyone is doing here so hopefully will learn some useful stuff through the community here. Nice to meet y'aw :)
  18. Miguel Santareno

    Say hello to all

    Hi everyone, my name is Miguel Santareno i'm a portuguese penetration tester and analyst. It's a great pleasure to be here and help others and anything you need just say Regards from Portugal.
  19. bl0ckbuster

    T-Shirt designers

    Hey brother, I've designed all the t-shirts for BSidesOK since the beginning. If there's anything I can help with, please let me know. I like doing it Aaron
  20. Garyness

    Technical requests for this forum

    Why can't the website be HTTPS for everything? It really made me think twice about the quality of the group if they have a login form that defaults to insecure HTTP. I was happy to see the "A" rating and no SSLv3, No TLS1.0.
  21. raek

    Modularizing HTML content for RACHEL

    I'd be happy to help too!
  22. cyb3rguy

    Hello world!

    I'm new to this site. Look forward to working with everyone!
  23. Valiant-Mouse

    Say hello to all

    hello all, I'm a cyber security instructor from the southeast USA. I'm here to serve. Oh, I'm also a huge C.S. Lewis fan. Reepicheep
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