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Our restaurant in Uganda (The Keep Cafe) has finally been turned over to local staff. They now own it, and run it. But they are struggling. They need help with:

  • Creative ideas for specials
  • Customer Service training
  • Menu assistance
  • Business practices
  • Financial management
  • Manager training
  • Barrist training
  • Wait Staff training
  • Kitchen training
  • Social media¬†
  • Everything!

Bear in mind they are in Uganda, so supplies are limited. Also, the restaurant caters to American and European tourists, and much of the local staff has never left Uganda.

If you're interested in helping, please jump in.

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I have 20 years experience in the restaurant industry and currently manage a restaurant in West MI. I don't have a lot of technical skills so I think this is the perfect project for me to get started on in this community while I work on my technical skills. I don't really currently have the ability to go to Uganda (I wish) but I could help with things on line. 

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