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Just a quick hello and excited to get to meet everyone, have been wanting to get more involved and was thrilled to see forum live. Wear many hats, Swiss Army Sec Pro so to speak, not an expert, always learning and humbled more by what I don't know. SE my passion as well as all Wireless, SDR (Software Defined Radio) probably next for me. :)

Have been active via donations monthly and an advocate for the cause (also trying to get companie setup to match donations). The work done is just amazing and inspiring. 

Time has been limited due to daily grind so if response not prompt forgive me. Around Midwest/East Coast so ever at a DerbyCon or CircleCityCon or even just passing through, get at me for sure. 

Did have question for this year, will HFC need any volunteers for DefCon 26? If I can do anything let me know if have need, even if nothing would like to engage in meat space with fellow like minded people as heard it was so crazy last year so even if I can just buy someone a beer as thanks let me know. :)



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