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Technical requests for this forum

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Since there's no existing place for things of this nature, I'll just start a new topic here, sorry if it's not the best place for it.

I have a few requests pertaining to the function and features of these forums. Please note, I bring up these issues because I think that this forum could be a really good place for the hacker community here and I'd love to see it grow. I noticed that the @ihackcharities Twitter account has around 8k followers, and yet there is very little activity here. It may not be a fair comparison since social media is a lot more popular than forums, though Reddit seems to be doing okay.

Anyway, things that I would like to see fixed if broken and enabled if able:

  1. When logging in to the forum, though the web URL is HTTPS, the URL to which the login form posts is HTTP, causing the browser to report an insecure connection. Also this is a security issue since the username and password are being posted to that URL in the clear.
  2. The ability to modify ones profile. Right now, and it might just be me, I am unable to change my profile, setup a picture, or things like that.
  3. Attach files. This goes with 2. I can't attach files to posts since it requires you upload them to your profile, which cannot be done either, I get a permissions error.
  4. The ability to edit a post after someone has replied to it. I'd like to go back and edit my previous posts, but I don't see an option to do so. I don't know if that is also a permission issue, or if it is a limitation of this web app.

Those are my thought right now. I'd love to hear if others agree/disagree, or if other people have other thoughts on the matter.

Thank you.

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On point 4, I just attempted to edit an older post of mine. Once you post something, there is an edit link, I modified that link to match an older post and received this error:


Sorry, there is a problem.

This content can no longer be edited. It may have been moved or deleted, or too much time may have passed since it was posted for it to be edited.

Error code: 2F173/E

So it would seem that this is a limitation put in place by the web app. :(

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Hi Greg! Thanks for the great post! 

1) I think I have this nailed down. Can you confirm? I've sent you a PM.

2) In order to change your profile photo, simply click the icon one the existing profile picture in your settings. See the images below. You can also set up other things using HTML blocks by clicking "Edit Profile". Also see the images below. 

3) Uploading files. I'm not following you when you say, "it requires you upload them to your profile, which cannot be done either, I get a permissions error." As a test user, I can change my profile photo, and a photo upload works fine. I can also upload photos (tested with "choose files" as well as drag and drop. Again, this is as a standard user, so I might need to see your error message. 

4) I was also able to edit my post as a standard user. I tried this in several forums. Now, realize that the current setting allows you to edit your post up to 5 minutes after posting. I think the error indicates you tried after the five minute limit. If there's a reason to extend this, I am happy to do that but I think it helps reduce trolling.  Deleting your content is currently turned off as this also helps reduce trolling. 

Thanks, Greg!










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Why can't the website be HTTPS for everything?  It really made me think twice about the quality of the group if they have a login form that defaults to insecure HTTP.

I was happy to see the "A" rating and no SSLv3, No TLS1.0.

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