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Getting Started with Robotics training

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This is not an exhaustive list, but rather things we have direct experience with. Feel free to let us know what works for you.

  1. Littlebits: Great, magnetic, modular "bits" that get kids rolling with building circuits. Absolutely safe, nothing to fry, and gets kids exploring and building quickly. A few notes:
    1. These kits are not cheap, but they back up the sales with great service and have lots of support options and material.
    2. You can get a 5% educator's discount and customized educator lesson plans.
    3. They used to have a referral program, but it looks like it's defunct. If it wakes up, let us know so we can all get credits towards purchases. 
  2. Meet Edison: Great, inexpensive robot (think inexpensive, tough, Mindstorms brick with built-in sensors)  that gets you up and running with robotics quickly. We have used it with first grade students. This is a terrific way to get practical with robotics quickly instead of studying theory first. This drives interest and students are inspired to dig deeper. A few notes:
    1. We sell these in our shop at a single unit discount. We buy them in bulk and pass the savings on to you.
    2. There are all sort of lesson plans and activities that are well-thought-out and well-produced. 
    3. Although these start with basic barcode-driven activities, Edison allows full programming.

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