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  1. 0ptik8


    Hiya! Just a quick hello and excited to get to meet everyone, have been wanting to get more involved and was thrilled to see forum live. Wear many hats, Swiss Army Sec Pro so to speak, not an expert, always learning and humbled more by what I don't know. SE my passion as well as all Wireless, SDR (Software Defined Radio) probably next for me. Have been active via donations monthly and an advocate for the cause (also trying to get companie setup to match donations). The work done is just amazing and inspiring. Time has been limited due to daily grind so if response not prompt forgive me. Around Midwest/East Coast so ever at a DerbyCon or CircleCityCon or even just passing through, get at me for sure. Did have question for this year, will HFC need any volunteers for DefCon 26? If I can do anything let me know if have need, even if nothing would like to engage in meat space with fellow like minded people as heard it was so crazy last year so even if I can just buy someone a beer as thanks let me know.
  2. 0ptik8

    What tools does everyone work with?

    Love the tools mentioned so far, this is great stuff. Depends on engagement for me, personally for daily driver/main use either some flavor of Debian or LuBuntu and Windows 10 disposable VM as needed, always have Tails boot USB as well. Love Kali, NetHunter (mobile ARM Kali port) on my nVidia Shield was beyond awesome, but not fully comfortable with level of elevated priv. required for my daily driver needs. I do love my Kali-PI army of ARM goodness (have about 10), I love taking them, modding with battery packs, 4G LTE cards and head shop stash cans (coffee, Wd40, false bottom boxes, etc). Last engagement took 14 days for all my boxes to get found, funny in office env. as most people won't look twice at coffee can stashed back in top shelf break room (minus obvious wires if they poked around but people tend not mess with gnarly looking coffee tins). I was so looking forward to last refresh of Wifi Pineapples, did not realize my custom boxes PI much more stable and useful in hindsight for my needs (battery unit, PI 3, Alfa Wifi capable of injection and base station mode) I know I should have gone Nano, went Tetra and it not fun so would love to see any else having issues, all mates with Nano's love them. My final favorite piece of kit is just a simple Rasp-PI 3 running TOR/Proxy with own Alfa Wireless Net capable as portable Wired/Wireless Proxy, 4G, have seperate WIFI NIC as well can turn up if feeling frisky (SET, SSL Strip, etc), as such have portable anon hotspot/capable evil twin always with me. Think I may be allergic to many GUI's sometimes as could never get SSL Strip working proper on Tetra and the MAC Changer bug was beyond frustrating.