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    From time to time we need help converting HTML content into RACHEL modules. If this is something you're interested in, jump in!
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    Hello. I was just getting what operating systems and other hacker tools everyone uses? I’m a Kali Linux user, and SET (social engineering toolbox). I have found everything I need in Kali. If I don’t see it, I just add through repo.
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    So since there are tons of tools out there, all for different situations, it can be hard to know what to use. I did find this and found it to be helpful in that it also demonstrates a process: https://sparta.secforce.com/ The nice thing about it is that it no only automates things so you can be super lazy, but it also shows you a process of information gathering and different tools to use in common situations. It's a nice thing to check out and a good starting point I think in a hack.
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    For years we have used RACHEL (see the current content here) on both Raspberry Pis and locally installed on SD cards in "Loaded" Chromebooks to teach tech training primarily to folks that are trying to learn job skills. In addition to the other great content on RACHEL, we found that the Goodwill Community Foundation training was a huge hit all over the world in terms of getting folks practical skills they need to land jobs of all sorts. We're currently using all of this in our Computer Training Center in Jinja Uganda, in several prisons across and at several recovery centers across the US. I'll note here that we are talking about "offline" training since: Most locations we deployed had poor internet service Folks in the connected world aren't always ready to offer internet service to free community training programs Some of our students aren't allowed online (prisons) or shouldn't be online (domestic abuse victims, etc). The folks at Cybrary and Pluralsight have offered to provide their training to us as well but at this point we haven't found an easy way to get that training offline in a format that makes sense. (See this thread about our attempts to modularize RACHEL content). But RACHEL aside (since the point is providing training, not necessarily about RACHEL), we are trying to find other resources that are helpful in providing job skills training. We welcome online resources but are most interested in seeing if we can get permission to provide that content offline, in an HTML format that requires no plugins and works with most modern web browsers. Bonus points if the provider has offline content already, but if they don't we'll need help converting it as well. Simple links to content are welcome, but we're most thankful for folks that can make contact with the provider and can help get the content into the HTML format listed above. We're also open to talking about our experiences and we are also looking at other hardware platforms since the RACHEL Plus units were abandoned because of explodey batteries. Thanks everyone!
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    If you're looking to build something for a training center, to provide job skill training, etc, here's a writeup I wrote recently: Your first stop is worldpossible.org and RACHEL. It puts all this content in an offline package. Of VERY special interest is the AWESOME GCF Learn Free suite (preview), which has all kinds of computer, tech and job skills training. The RACHEL content is available (oddly enough vie FTP: ftp.worldpossible.org anonymous/anonymous) as a USB or Pi version. I would avoid the RACHEL PLUS from their store as it have known battery issues, and can "cause fires". You’ll want to build the RACHEL Pi for sure. The actual instructions are here. This is the best way to get content delivered via wifi to multiple users without too much fuss. The down side is that the Raspberry Pi is small, can be pocketed, and can not be easily repaired in the field. But they are cheap, so bring lots and multiple copies of the SD card. Oh, and use the shutdown feature in the admin panel of the web interface to extend the life of the unit. I recommend Chromebooks as clients. They are inexpensive, the guest mode is awesome for training (hard to mess up), no viruses, simple to reflash if you have problems, modern web browser, etc. We also have had luck with the ~$200 HP Stream laptops. The 11” models are around $150. These are full-blown Windows 10 laptops, with small solid-state drives. They have tiny storage, but will run Windows, can be factory-flashed fairly easily (handy because training / public access computers get buggy quickly), and can run Office which the Chromebooks can’t (easily). Of course you’ll be susceptible to viruses, and may need to reflash these more often as a result, but they are not only good for viewing RACHEL's HTML-based content, they can run Windows and Office so the students can practice what they learned in GCF. If you can’t afford the MS Office, we have a tech soup account and you can buy licenses from us. If not, you can always go with Open Office, but I prefer to teach software that will be in actual work environments. If you want to go down another rabbit hole, you can play with the idea of a “loaded” Chromebook with USB RACHEL installed on an SD Card (optionally super gluing the card into read-only mode). You can browse the content from the SD card directly via the built-in “Files” app. Note that RACHEL USB is only available in a 32GB version which doesn’t not include the AWESOME GCF Learn Free suite but it can be downloaded as an additional 11GB module. I like this for demoing the RACHEL content, but prefer the Stream for long-term training solutions. I hope this is enough to get you started.
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    Our restaurant in Uganda (The Keep Cafe) has finally been turned over to local staff. They now own it, and run it. But they are struggling. They need help with: Creative ideas for specials Customer Service training Menu assistance Business practices Financial management Manager training Barrist training Wait Staff training Kitchen training Social media Everything! Bear in mind they are in Uganda, so supplies are limited. Also, the restaurant caters to American and European tourists, and much of the local staff has never left Uganda. If you're interested in helping, please jump in.
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    Sure Johnny You can bring them all here... Its Pleasure to help them Out..
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    Hey, I've pinged Sam on this and he'll be getting back to you shortly! Thanks! Johnny
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    I'm interested in helping out with this. How often is content available to convert, and what's the process like? Feel free to DM me if it that's an easier avenue.
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    As a non-profit, we are pretty terrible at fundraising. We sell T-shirts, and rely on donations from the community (which have kept us afloat) but we'd like to be able to do more. It seems like grants are a great way to go, especially with our focus on robotics, community service, tech training (especially for girls), disaster relief and more. We just don't know much about how to do this. If you can help, jump in on this topic!
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    Hola Zero_Cool! Sorry for the lag. I've been wrestling with the site (DNS issues and other craziness!) and things are still odd and broken, but here we are! It's definitely a terrific idea to put together an overview of what we do in some format or another. I've tried to do this as I organized the new website, and the result is that we have our "Categories" finally worked out so that's a start. Thanks for jumping in. It would be great if we could find someone to help with grants. We can't keep going by selling T-shirts and begging for funds. :-) Thanks again amigo! Johnny
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    I've been interested in 3D printing for a couple years but I haven't tried designing my own models, I've always grabbed them off of thingiverse.com I've had some cool ideas for prints like challenge coins, Kali dragon stencils, and electronics cases but never actually got on a computer and attempted to make one. I would like to volunteer to help with this, that'll give me the drive to learn how to design and create my own models.