Active HFC Uganda Projects

In these forums you can get involved with our Uganda programs, and get in touch with teachers, students and more.


  1. HFC Computer Training Center - Jinja

    The HFC Jinja CTC is our oldest project in Uganda. We provide free, basic training to Ugandans seeking jobs and even advanced programming, hardware and networking topics. In this forum, you can connect with our staff in Uganda, ask questions, or get involved. 

  2. HFC Uganda Hackerspace - Jinja

    The hackerspace houses our Ugandan robotics team and special IT projects. In this forum, you can connect with our staff and students in Uganda, ask questions, or get involved. 

  3. Uganda Leather Program

    The Ugandan leather program is one of our most successful programs! Meet Johnson and the team, get involved and see what we're up to!