Our Friends

A great place to talk about topics that relate to our friends in the industry.


  1. Hackers In Education

    Hackers in Education. Cops working alongside hackers? Teaching security awareness in schools? Yup. Jump in to discuss what that's about and share your ideas and experiences. 

  2. Rural Technology Fund

    The mission of the RTF is to help rural students recognize opportunities in technology careers and gain the education necessary to work in the computer industry. This forum is a great place to chat about our friends at the Rural Tech Fund and get involved in their amazing work.

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  3. ITDRC - Disaster Relief

    The Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) does amazing work getting tech volunteers engaged in disaster relief efforts. The ITDRC has a great community where you can discuss all sorts of things they are up to, but this forum is about our experience with ITDRC, and for any general questions you might have before joining. 

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